We live close to woods and lakes and not far from the beautiful Limfjord. Our house is a former farmhouse and we have lots of space around us.

Our kennel is approved by the Food Administration of veterinary with inspections min. 4 times a year.

We bought our first golden, Felix, in 1985 – a lovely eight weeks old golden male puppy. He was from Dinesminde’s Drøn and he became 13 years old.

We didn’t have any specific experience in choosing puppies or reading studbooks so we read all that we could come close to concerning retrievers.We were lucky to get a great family- and working dog and on top of that, Felix did very well at dog shows.

One year later we bought our next dog, Dinesminde’s Festus.
To make it short, we now have 5 goldens of various nationalities. In our breeding work we emphasize the good temper and the original golden look.

For us it is very important, that the dogs have qualities for hunting as well as for exhibition. In our kennel, the dogs live together with us – we don’t use boxes, and the bitches are in the kitchen or the living room when they bear their puppies.

We highly emphasize socialization very much as we often through our jobs as instructors in D.R.K. and D.C.H. have seen and met many dogs that have not had a good socialization and therefore do not meet the family’s desire for a good family- and working dog.
Daily our dogs are together with our children and our two cats.

We have gone through the DKK Breeder education, november 2002

Before the puppies leave our house they have been through a health check and a puppy test which follows the puppy hereafter.
We invite to a puppies’ meeting when the puppies are about six months old.

We see a great importence in examening the breeding material well before a mating, such as indexing for H.D., examening for eye deseases and other inherited deseases. We think that theese things are very important for a serious breeding work and it ought to characterize all breeders.

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